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MV1-D1024E camera series

October 2014

Photonfocus is committed to being your long-term supplier of reliable, high quality CMOS Cameras and we have recently invested in extending the life of our D1024 camera series, one of our most successful and longest running products. The new MV1-D1024E series features an upgrade to the latest FPGA technologies and the High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photonfocus A1024B CMOS imager with LinLog® technology will continue to be manufactured in an automotive certified CMOS production process, ensuring long-term availability.


The new MV1-D1024E series now offers the same extensive feature set as the current MV1-Series, including a GigE interface. With the addition of these new features, the MV1-D1024E series can become the solution for applications requiring a sensor with high signal-to-noise ratio and a full well capacity of 200ke-. ASCII protocol camera communication and control is now available for all MV1 series Camera Link cameras including board level and OEM modules. ASCII protocol is extremely useful in Embedded and Linux based machine vision systems further expanding the use of these products.


We are also introducing the new MV1-D1024E-3D02-160-G2 3D laser triangulation camera featuring a GigE interface. Photonfocus has already qualified the MV1-D1024E-3D01-160-CL camera into many 3D inspection applications. Combining 2D and 3D inspection, we have successfully proven that with a Photonfocus HDR CMOS imager, materials with very challenging and different surface structures can be triangulated. The 3D02 with its GigE interface will allow access to even more applications.


Photonfocus and their extensive worldwide sales network are available to discuss your requirements, choose the right camera model, choose the right software and quickly help you benefit from using our products in your application. Please contact our Sales sales(at)photonfocus.com.