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Product Highlights of 2014

March 2015

Photonfocus 3D camera series enhanced

Customer feedback was used to enhance hardware and firmware functionalities of the Photonfocus 3D camera series for laser triangulation applications. For harsh environments the 24V HTL encoder interface was incorporated in the series. For higher resolutions the 3D04 camera with a fast 4 MPix sensor was released. The feature sets of the 3D04 and 3D03 were matched, in order to ease the implementation. The 3D03 is also available with 10 degree Scheimpflug camera front.

Long term availability of the Photonfocus HDR A1024B image sensor

The Photonfocus HDR A1024B image sensor has an outstanding full well capacity of 200ke- and a very high Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). The camera series with this sensor were redesigned for long term availability. The new release includes the default Photonfocus feature set and is available with GigE and CameraLink interface.

All 3D cameras with GigE interface

The 3D01 camera with the Photonfocus HDR A1024B image sensor is reliable in triangulation applications where standard sensors saturate and deliver incorrect measurements. The new MV1-D1024E-3D02-160 camera combines the A1024B, which is excellent for 3D applications, with the GigE interface. This camera is available with RS422 or 24V HTL encoder interface.

New smart camera release

The SM2 smart camera series with HDR and Low-Light CMOS sensors was re-engineered. The new release incorporates the 1.2GHz DSP version of Texas Instruments. Now developers can implement their embedded solutions with the newest TI development tools. Photonfocus provides lots of example codes to ease the implementation.