Innovative camera solutions for all applications in machine vision and imaging

Photonfocus is a manufacturer of high-quality cameras and CMOS image sensors for industrial and non-industrial imaging applications. The cameras cover a wide range of applications in machine vision with a focus on 3D cameras for laser triangulation, hyperspectral, SWIR and UV cameras as well as high-resolution cameras.

As a pioneer in machine vision and imaging with more than 20 years of experience, Photonfocus specializes in the development of customized cameras and CMOS sensor design. In addition, Photonfocus offers custom-specific OEM camera modules for implementation in embedded vision solutions.


Modular camera set-up

All Photonfocus camera models are based on a well thought-out modular system that allows for quick integration of both proven and new technologies.

The intelligent camera set-up precisely matches your performance needs. Simply select the components needed for your inspection task to get an industrial-grade camera that optimally meets your requirements.

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Standard cameras


Our camera portfolio includes more than 100 models - many of them optimized for specific applications tasks, such as our product series:



For standard applications, we also offer numerous camera models.

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Customized camera solutions


Some vision applications require a specific sensor or algorithm beyond standard level components. Our experts develop customized and cost-effective camera solutions that perfectly match your requirements.


  • Robust, industrial-grade design
  • Customized sensor development
  • OEM design
  • FPGA programming


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