The Series 712 M9 threaded locking connectors are a high-performance version of Series 711 connectors. They offer excellent environmental protection at IP 67 in mated condition and 360° EMI shielding. Contacts are gold-plated and range from 2 to 8 per connector. The series has options of straight or right-angle and plastic or metal housings.

The Series 712 cable connectors share receptacles with the Series 702 cordsets. Receptacles are either front-or rear-mounted, with solder cups, PCB solder pins, or attached flex circuits.

  • Anzahl der Kontakte: 7
  • Steckverbindertyp: Rundsteckverbinder, Industrie
  • Baureihe: 712
  • Steckverbindermaterial: Nylon (Polyamid)
  • Ausführung: Stecker
  • Kontaktausführung: Stift
  • Steckverbindermontage: Kabel
  • Kontaktanschluss: Lötanschluss
  • Kontaktmaterial: Messing
  • Kontaktüberzug: Gold
  • Anzahl der Einsteckzyklen: 500
  • Kontaktanschluss: Löten


Power Connector Binder


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