The HR10 series connectors are push-pull coupling type micro-connectors.They have been developed in response to customers' needs for miniaturization, high density, and easy handling.The HR10 series connectors offer light weight and assure high reliavility and durability as well as easy push-pull operation. You may apply the HR10 series connectors to all kinds of small-sized electronic equipment requiring high reliability. However, these simple but refined connectors are most suitable for portable electronic equipment which requires good appearance.

  • Anzahl der Kontakte: 12
  • Steckverbindertyp: Rundsteckverbinder, Industrie
  • Baureihe: HR10
  • Steckverbindermaterial: Messing-Zink-Legierung
  • Ausführung: Stecker
  • Kontaktausführung: Buchse
  • Steckverbindermontage: Kabel
  • Steckverbindergehäusegröße: 10
  • Einsatzanordnung: 10-12
  • Kontaktanschluss: Lötanschluss
  • Kontaktmaterial: Berylliumkupfer
  • Kontaktüberzug: Silber
  • SVHC: No SVHC (16-Jun-2014)
  • Kontaktanschluss: Löten


Power Connector Hirose


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