photonHiRES: High-Resolution cameras for industrial imaging

The high-resolution and especially sensitive cameras of the photonHiRES series are the leading solution when it comes to achieving the highest resolution in industrial machine vision. Even when faced with challenging applications and poor light conditions, the high-resolution cameras from Photonfocus achieve the best possible results. The robust housings are equipped with an outstanding temperature management system and enable fan-free operation of even large sensors. Moreover, the powerful 10 GigE Vision interface guarantees an optimum data transmission rate and compatibility with a wide range of interfaces.

photonHiRES in detail

  • Especially sensitive cameras with extremely high resolution
  • Embedded technology with ultra-fast data transmission
  • Robust housing with outstanding temperature management
  • Supports GigE, 10 GigE Vision PoE and fiber-optic transmission
  • Flexible design – ideal for integration into virtually all applications

Main areas of application for the Photonfocus high-resolution cameras

Industrial camera for automotive inspection
Embedded vision applications count and identify vehicles in road traffic
Automatic quality control in the food processing
Industrial camera for  Agriculture
Remote sensing for agricultural land or indoor or outdoor navigation
High speed photo for analysis of the trajectory of a tennis ball

photonHiRES 제품군 카메라 선택

제품 선택 센서 광학적 형식 해상도 Mega-pixel FPS 인터페이스 주문 비교
MV4-D3904-L01-GT LUXIMA, LUX8M 4/3" 3904 x 2192 8.6 140fps 10GigE 주문
MV4-D9344-G01-GT Gpixel, GMAX3265 2.3" 9344 x 7000 65 18fps 10GigE 주문
MV8-D8424-G01-GT Gpixel, GMAX4651 35mm 8424 x 6032 51 24fps 10GigE 주문