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12MPix Camera with Frame Buffer

December 2015

The new Photonfocus MV1-D4096-960-G2-10 12 MPix CMOS camera extends its portfolio of cameras based on CMOSIS CMOS image sensors. The MV1-D4098-960-G2-10 camera features an internal frame buffer which enables the recording of high frame rate image bursts. Following image acquisition, the frames are transferred via the GigE interface. Extensive trigger features allow the user to synchronize the image burst with the application.

Available with M42, Nikon and C lens mounts, the 12 Mpix camera supports the same feature set as the previous 2 MPix (MV1-D2048x1088-96-G2-10) and 4 MPix (MV1-D2048-96-G2-10) camera models. On request the cameras can be equipped with a HTL shaft encoder interface.