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Compact and twice as fast with the DR0

February 2020


Accelerate with the Double-Rate Technology in our most compact camera DR0!



Get twice as fast as the standard GigE camera! With the specially developed Double Rate (DR) algorithm in our compact and lightweight DR0 camera platform, you can capture every detail in lightning speed, lossless, and in real-time!


  • Available with Sony IMX174 and IMX250 sensors
  • Compactness at the highest level Smallest form factor: 30 x 30 x 53mm³
  • Reaches speeds of up to 94 frames per second via the standard 1GigEinterface
  • Requires only one data cable for data transmission (no link aggregation)
  • Ideal for high-speed applications, e.g. in the sports sector


Analyze every movement with highest precision even in the most confined installation space by using the DR0 camera.