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Accelerate your precision with our new 3D camera

March 2020


10 times faster object inspection with highest precision thanks to our brand-new 3D camera.


camera solutions designed for 3D laser triangulation applications


The inspection of reflective solder joints is a challenge for image processing. With the new MV4 3D camera, we offer you the solution for detecting manufacturing defects.
Using the laser triangulation method, the LineFinder algorithm calculates a 3D profile in the camera with subpixel accuracy. The connected PC then only has to evaluate this data.



  • precise object inspections with the in-house developed LineFinder algorithm
  • lightning-fast data transfer through the 10 GigE interface
  • high frame rates of over 1'000fps at full resolution thanks to the LUX1310 high-
    speed sensor


Accelerate your precision with our new MV4 3D camera.