Photonfocus 3D triangulation cameras - linchpin for maximum precision and speed

The principle of 3D laser triangulation
In 3D laser triangulation, the synergy between camera and laser is key to capture precise 3D measurements. In this technique the laser emits a beam onto the object, and the camera records how the laser light reflects off the surface. By analyzing this reflection, the system calculates distances and angles, enabling the creation of an accurate 3D profile of the object.

Photonfocus' 3D laser triangulation cameras play a central role in this process, serving as the linchpin for maximum precision and speed. In a wide range of applications where precise 3D measurements are required, Photonfocus cameras are the critical component that unlocks the full potential of 3D laser triangulation technology. Crucial to their efficiency is also the selection of the right camera based on professional advice from our camera experts.

Photonfocus 3D triangulation cameras proven in many industrial applications

Learn in our whitepaper what makes photon3D cameras the perfect choice for precise and fast 3D laser triangulation.

Electronics manufacturing


Solder joint inspection:

  • 3D profile provides detailed information about the joint's shape and dimensions
  • Detection of manufacturing defects​ such as insufficient solder, solder bridges, misalignment, irregularities in solder joints



Food processing


High speed meat slicer:
  • Fixes the start and the end of a cut line
  • Determines optimal cut slice thickness




Cookie inspection:
  • Circularity inspection
  • Missing or partial “piece“ inspection



Infrastructure maintenance


Drainpipe inspection detects:

  • Cracks in pipe​
  • Breaks in pipe​
  • Disruptions ​
  • Sedimentation



Material processing


Lumber / log metrology inspection:

  • Surface Inspection​
  • Determines log diameter​​
  • Pre-selection for optimal cut​



Structural health monitoring


Steel cable inspection:

  • Helps assess structural integrity and health
  • Detect structural damage, wear, or stress
  • Identifiy physical damage: corrosion, cracks
  • Measure the displacement of steel cables
  • Ensure timely maintenance and repairs​



Traffic and transportation


Rail track inspection:

  • Precise information on the track profile
  • Identify deviations from target profile
  • Detect defects: cracks, wear, irregularities
  • Enable predictive maintenance




Train wheel inspection:

  • Quality and wear inspection
  • Wheel thickness measurement​​
  • Lasers fitted underneath track at train service station!​




Tunnel inspection:

  • Capturing tunnel's geometry
  • Assessment of the tunnel's condition
  • Identification of defects
  • Ensure structural integrity
  • Tunnel maintenance and safety



photon3D: The perfect choice for precise and fast 3D laser profiling

The Linefinder algorithm of the photon3D cameras is the heart of 3D laser triangulation. It reliably detects the laser line and calculates a 3D profile in the camera with subpixel accuracy.

What you will learn in our whitepaper:

✓ The advantages of our LineFinder algorithms for 3D laser profiling

✓ The precision of laser line recognition in complex measurement scenarios  

✓ The importance of our special onboard filters for precision and speed

✓ How precise laser line detection can be done on highly reflective surfaces

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