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Cable GigE, MV0/MV3/MV4/MV8, x-coded


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Accessories nameDescriptionINTERFACE
Cable GigE, MV0/MV3/MV4/MV8, x-coded

GigE cable for 1/10 GigE for MV0/MV3/MV4/MV8

Cable P MV2, Binder, 3 Pin (Power)

Power cable with Binder connector for MV2

Cable P/T/S MV3, Fischer, 12 Pin

Shielded Power/Trigger/Strobe cable with Fischer connector for MV3

Cable P/T/S MV4/MV8, Phoenix, 17 pin

Power/Trigger/Strobe cable with Phoenix connector for MV4/MV8

Cable P/T/S, MV1-CL, Binder, 7 Pin

Power/Trigger/Strobe cable with Binder connector for MV1 CameraLink

Cable P/T/S, MV1-G2, Hirose, 12 Pin

Power/Trigger/Strobe cable with Hirose connector for MV1 GigE

Cable T/S MV0/MV2, Binder, 4 pin (trigger)

Trigger/strobe cable with Binder connector for MV0/MV2

High-Quality CL Cable, (MDR - MDR)

High-Quality cable for CameraLink cameras