The MV4-D2048x1088-C01-HS05-GT camera deploys the IMEC line scan wedge CMV2K-LS150-VNIR sensor which is based on the CMOSIS CMV2000 CMOS image sensor. The sensor has in the spectral region from 470nm to 900nm 150 pass bands with a Full-Width Half-Maximum (FWHM) of 10 - 12nm.

The cameras focus on demanding hyperspectral imaging applications. The low full well capacity and the global shutter of the sensor make high speed applications possible. The camera has the GigE interface (GigEVision).

The MV4-D2048x1088-C01-HS05-GT camera model has a 10GigE interface with a frame rate of up to 340 fps at full resolution (2048 x 1088). Power is supplied via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or via the 17-pin M12 I/O connector. The camera is equipped with extensive I/O interfaces and the electrical interface was specially designed for high robustness.

The region-of-interest (ROI) function increases the frame rate while reducing the image height:

Resolution                         Profiles [fps]
2048 x 1088 340
1920 x 1080 (HD) 340
1280 x 1024 (SXGA) 360
1024 x 1024 360
1280 x 768 (WXGA) 478
800 x 600 (SVGA) 610
Sensor: IMEC, CMV2K-LS150
Frame rate: 340fps
Optical format: 2/3"
Lens mount: C mount
Sensor Resolution: 2048 x 1088
Pixel size: 5.5μm x 5.5μm
I/O Input: 4x Isolated inputs or shaft encoder A, B, Z, Y interface (RS422, TTL, D-HTL, HTL)
I/O Output: 3x Isolated outputs (2x open drain, 1x TTL high-speed)
Dimensions: 59 x 59 x 104.2 mm3
  • Resolution 2048 x 1088 (CMV2K-LS150) pixels
  • Snapshot camera
  • Optimized for low light conditions
  • Spectral range: Hyperspectral 470 – 900 nm (150 pass bands)
  • Global shutter high-speed CMOS image sensor
  • Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, GigE Vision and GenICam compliant
  • Frame rates MV4-D2048x1088-C01-HS05-GT camera models at maximal resolution 340fps (10GigE)
  • I/O capabilities: 4x Isolated inputs or shaft encoder A, B, Z, Y interface (RS422, TTL, D-HTL, HTL), 3x Isolated outputs (2x open drain, 1x TTL highspeed)
  • Up to 8 regions of interest (MROI)
  • 2 look-up tables (12-to-8 bit) on user-defined image region (Region-LUT)




Manual Revision Doc-ID
1.0 MAN088
1.4 MAN068
1.3 MAN089
Software Version

This installer contains

Supported Operating Systems:
- Win8, Win10
GigE Cameras:
- PFSDK and PFViewer (GUI) with Doublerate support
- SDK examples and documentation
- C# and Python (2.7, 3.x) wrappers
- Support of polarized Cameras
3D Cameras:
- PF3DLib and PFViewer (GUI)
- SDK examples


This installer contains

Supported Operating Systems:
- Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
GigE Cameras:
- SDK examples and documentation


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Product Preview

HyperSpectral SDK

SDK for cameras with CMV2K-SM4X4 & SM5X5 sensors

Product Preview

GigE Cable "X-Coded M12"

High performance 1/10 GigE cable (MV0, MV3, MV4, MV8)

Product Preview

Power/Trigger/Strobe Cable M12 17-Pin

Power/Trigger/Strobe cable for cameras with M12 17-Pin connector (MV4, MV8)

Product Preview

Power Supply M12 17-Pin, 30W

Power supply for cameras with M12 17-Pin connector, 12VDC, 30W (MV4)