High-end platform for cameras with ultra-fast 3D laser triangulation

Innovative 3D cameras from Photonfocus offer wholly new possibilities for future-oriented laser triangulation applications. The photon3D platform is optimized for high frame rates and high sensitivity and offers robust algorithms for determining the laser line in the FPGA of the camera. Photonfocus has optimized these algorithms in order to suppress artifacts such as reflections.

photon3D in detail

  • Highly sensitive cameras for low-light applications
  • Maximum flexibility with laser triangulation
  • Embedded technology with onboard evaluation
  • Laser triangulation of highly reflective materials
  • Integrated encoder interface for numerous standards

Main application areas

MV0-D1280-O01-3D06-288-G2ON Semiconductor, PYTHON13001/2"1280 x 10246700fpsGigE订购
MV0-D1984-O01-3D06-576-G2ON Semiconductor, PYTHON20002/3"1984 x 12647900fpsGigE订购
MV0-D2048-C01-3D06-768-G2CMOSIS, CMV40001"2048 x 204814842fpsGigE订购
MV0-D2048x1088-C01-3D06-768-G2CMOSIS, CMV20002/3"2048 x 108818540fpsGigE订购
MV1-D1024E-3D02-160-G2Photonfocus, A10241"1024 x 10246750fpsGigE订购
MV1-D1280-L01-3D05-1280-G2LUXIMA, LUX13102/3"1280 x 102468800fpsGigE订购
MV1-D1312-3D02-160-G2Photonfocus, A13121"1312 x 10825500fpsGigE订购
MV1-D2048x1088-3D06-760-G2CMOSIS, CMV20002/3"2048 x 108818600fpsGigE订购
MV4-D1280-L01-3D06-FBLUXIMA, LUX13102/3"1280 x 102465600fps10GigE订购
MV4-D1280-L01-3D06-G2LUXIMA, LUX13102/3"1280 x 102441880fpsGigE订购
MV4-D1280-L01-3D06-GTLUXIMA, LUX13102/3"1280 x 102465600fps10GigE订购
MV4-D1280-L01-3D07-GTLUXIMA, LUX13102/3"1280 x 102465600fps10GigE订购