Compact and powerful platform for system integration

The compact and high-performance cameras belonging to the photonCOMPACT platform are designed for standard applications in industrial machine vision. With their ideal industrial standard dimensions of 30 x 30 mm and digital interface compatibility with the universally deployable GigE interface with PoE, the modular cameras can easily be adapted to a wide variety of applications.

photonCOMPACT in detail

  • Universal solution for machine vision
  • Compact and fast cameras
  • Easy to integrate
  • High interface compatibility
  • Modular design, flexibly adaptable

Main application areas

DR0-D1920-S01-480-G2Sony, IMX1741/1.2"1920 x 120094fpsGigE订购
DR0-D2448-S01-480-G2Sony, IMX2502/3"2432 x 204843fpsGigE订购
MV0-D1280-O01-144-G2ON Semiconductor, PYTHON13001/2"1280 x 102485fpsGigE订购
MV0-D1920-S01-240-G2Sony, IMX1741/1.2"1920 x 120048fpsGigE订购
MV0-D1984-O01-144-G2ON Semiconductor, PYTHON20002/3"1984 x 126444fpsGigE订购
MV0-D2048-C01-160-G2CMOSIS, CMV40001"2048 x 204826fpsGigE订购
MV0-D2048x1088-C01-160-G2CMOSIS, CMV20002/3"2048 x 108850fpsGigE订购
MV0-D2448-S01-240-G2Sony, IMX2502/3"2448 x 204822fpsGigE订购
MV0-D2448P-S01-240-G2Sony, IMX250MZR2/3"2448 x 204822fpsGigE订购
MV0-D2592-O01-144-G2ON Semiconductor, PYTHON50001"2592 x 204821fpsGigE订购
OEM0-D1280-O01-144-G2ON Semiconductor, PYTHON13001/2"1280 x 102485fpsGigE订购
OEM0-D1920-S01-240-G2Sony, IMX1741/1.2"1920 x 120048fpsGigE订购
OEM0-D1984-O01-144-G2ON Semiconductor, PYTHON20002/3"1984 x 126444fpsGigE订购
OEM0-D2048-C01-160-G2CMOSIS, CMV40001"2048 x 204826fpsGigE订购
OEM0-D2048x1088-C01-160-G2CMOSIS, CMV20002/3"2048 x 108850fpsGigE订购
OEM0-D2448-S01-240-G2Sony, IMX2502/3"2448 x 204822fpsGigE订购
OEM0-D2592-O01-144-G2ON Semiconductor, PYTHON50001"2592 x 204821fpsGigE订购