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Open the door to a new world with SWIR!

June 2020


Quality control beyond human sight: Making the invisible visible!



The MV3 is a camera series equipped with a range of SWIR sensors. Due to their specific design, these sensors can record lightwaves up to 1700 nm. This allows them to see things that are hidden from conventional cameras and the human eye.

Fields of application are, for example, the removal of foreign objects or spoiled goods during food inspection. This can be easily monitored with infrared lighting and an MV3 camera. More than 300 images per second are perfect for high throughput inline inspection. In addition, the internal cooling system ensures a constant image quality, even under changing environmental conditions.

The MV3 family offers 2 different resolution classes for different requirements. GigE and Camera Link ensure a flexible connectivity.

While the requirements change, the camera family always remains the same. This ultimately saves design-in costs.


The Chunghwa SWIR sensor with 344 fps is ideal for high-speed sorting of food. The cooled version delivers perfect image results even at high room temperature.

The Sofradir Snake allows rapid processes to be captured in high resolution. This is also ensured by the universal shutter with 300 frames per second.