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Ultra-precise and fast 3D surface measurement

July 2020


Ultra-precise 3D surface inspection with high-speed cameras.



As a natural product, each wooden board appears differently when cut from a tree. Dark knotholes, rough planed surfaces and different dimensions are no longer accepted by customers of quality class A boards.

The MV4 is a combined 2D / 3D camera that uses the integrated 3D algorithm to measure the smallest irregularities and to ensure a perfect surface. At the same time, the parallel 2D image allows the analysis of anomalies and defects such as knotholes. In the subsequent processing the board can then be treated or sorted accordingly.

As a result, efficient production is made easy with the MV4 series of high-speed cameras with simultaneous 2D and 3D recording. The cameras reach speeds of up to 10,000 frames per second and process approximately 200,000,000 points per second to achieve maximum accuracy.