51 MP! With our sharpest camera, every detail really counts

Unfold the full power of your vision system with the new MV8 series from Photonfocus. With an ultra-high resolution of 51 megapixels and global shutter technology, the first model in the brand new camera series has been launched.

Thanks to its high precision and accuracy, the camera, specially developed for large and fast image sensors, finds its place not only in demanding environments of industrial image processing, but also in detailed high-end applications in the film industry:


  • Sharpest recordings of even the smallest details with a gigantic 51 megapixel resolution thanks to 8424 x 6032 pixels and global shutter technology
  • Smooth live video with 24 frames per second in the current 8k cinema class
  • Industry-compatible M58 standard lens connection
  • perfect image quality and very high dynamic range thanks to large 4.6 x 4.6 µm pixels
  • extremely fast image transmission thanks to the innovative 10 GigE interface


10 GigE - for super-fast connection

The compact camera fits seamlessly into the photonHiRES embedded vision platform of the modular, configurable camera family of Photonfocus and is quickly connected through the innovative 10 GigE interface.

We would be delighted to tell you more, spectacular details about our sharpest camera - but some anticipation has to remain. Our proven sales team will be happy to provide further resolution for our gigantic 51 megapixel camera.


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