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Take off with the Hyperspectral Imaging

Small cracks in asphalt or disease infestation on plants are often difficult to detect
with the human eye. With Photonfocus' hyperspectral drone system, however,
it is possible to detect smallest changes in the texture of surfaces and plants
visible from the air.

Drone system with 2 hyperspectral Photonfocus cameras  

The drone system is attached to a drone using a gimbal for image stabilization.
The drone flies autonomously the coordinates of a determined area which have
been entered in the flight planner tool.

Photonfocus drone system on the drone DJI Matrice 600                                                                

The two hyperspectral (HSI) cameras integrated in the drone system record
the amount of reflected light over 41 bands in the range of 470 - 975 nm.
The human eye, on the other hand, can only see in 3 bands, red, green and blue.
The drone system records the information precisely.
With the Photonfocus SDK, the spectral correction is first simplified and can then
be prepared for analysis with conventional software for processing hyperspectral
data such as Pix4D, Agisoft, ENVI or perClass.
The drone system is therefore ideal for a wide range of applications:

  • Detection of soil and water pollution
  • Early detection of disease on/in plants
  • Inspection of construction sites
  • Road condition control and much more

Depending on the application, the drone system is also available with SWIR
or low-light cameras.

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