High-end product: UV camera with CMOS BSI technology and global shutter. It features an excellent QE > 30% from 175nm to 865nm and a frame rate of 140 fps at full resolution of 1280 x 1024 px. The MV4-D1280U-L01-GT camera is primarily designed for UV applications. Additionally, it can also be used in the visible and NIR (near infrared) range thanks to its enormous spectrum.

The 10GigE Vision interface ensures high-speed data transfer and allows cable lengths of up to 300m. The C-mount connection allows the selection of cost-effective lenses for a wide range of applications such as laser profilometry, pantograph monitoring, wafer inspection and UV laser/LED triangulation technology for transparent materials. The robust MV4 series and its modular concept make the camera the optimal basis for customer-specific adaptations and embedded solutions.

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Sensor: Photonfocus, UV
Frame rate: 28fps/140fps
Optical format: 1"
Lens mount: C-Mount
Sensor Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Pixel size: 7.4μm x 7.4μm
I/O Input: 4x Isolated inputs or shaft encoder A, B, Z, Y interface (RS422, TTL, D-HTL, HTL)
I/O Output: 3x Isolated outputs (2x open drain, 1x TTL highspeed)
Dimensions: 59 x 59 x 102.5 mm3
  • 고정밀 모드 사용 시 12비트 풀 포맷에서 28fps
  • 10기가비트에서 최대 140fps(10기가비트 기준)
  • 리니어 모드
  • 150nm에서 1000nm까지 확장된 스펙트럼
  • 조정 가능한 판독 창(ROI)
  • 광 경로 측정 및 정렬을 위한 두 개의 십자선
  • 카메라의 온도 정보
  • 낮은 트리거 지연 및 지터
  • 고급 트리거 및 스트로브 기능
  • 독립 입력 또는 샤프트 인코더 A, B, Z, Y 인터페이스(RS422, TTL, D-HTL, HTL) x4
  • 독립 출력 x3(오픈 드레인 x2, TTL 고속 x1)




매뉴얼 Revision Doc-ID
1.2 MAN093
1.3 MAN089
소프트웨어 Version

This installer contains

Link: Changelog
Supported Operating Systems:
- Win8, Win10
GigE Cameras:
- PFSDK and PFViewer (GUI) with Doublerate support
- SDK examples and documentation
- C# and Python (2.7, 3.x) wrappers
- Support of polarized Cameras
3D Cameras:
- PF3DLib and PFViewer (GUI)
- SDK examples


This installer contains

Supported Operating Systems:
- Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 20.4 LTS, 22.04 LTS
GigE Cameras:
- SDK examples and documentation

3D Data Revision Doc-ID

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Product Preview

Cable GigE, MV0/MV3/MV4/MV8, x-coded

고성능 10GigE 케이블(MV0/MV3/MV4/MV8)

Product Preview

Cable P/T/S MV4/MV8, Phoenix, 17 pin

Power/Trigger/Strobe cable with Phoenix connector for MV4/MV8

Product Preview

Wall adapter, MV4/MV8, Phoenix, 17 pin, 12V