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About Photonfocus

Photonfocus specializes in CMOS image sensors and industrial CMOS cameras. Since its foundation, the company has focussed exclusively on CMOS vision technology. Photonfocus develops high speed HDR CMOSimage sensors with multi tap outputs and global shutter, based on its own patented LinLog® technology. With the LinLog® CMOS image sensors and third party Low-Light CMOS image sensors, Photonfocus industrial CMOS cameras cover a wide application field in machine vision and in optical metrology. Photonfocus offers its customers a wide range of products from ultra low-light CMOS sensors to highly dynamic HDR image sensors.


Photonfocus has longstanding expertise in CMOS image sensor design and can develop special operation modes of the CMOS imagers and of the CMOS cameras such as ROI tracking, multi-exposure, non-destructive read out modes. The CMOS image sensor technology is complemented in the cameras with real time image pre-processing technologies in FPGA’s or DSP’s. Photonfocus is a pioneer in development and design of software-defined camera platforms and image pre-processing IP’s. The software-defined CMOS camera products can facilitate wide ranging applications for users choices and needs.


Photonfocus implements in the standard camera products exclusively interfaces respecting established industrial standards. Photonfocus is a longstanding member of the international interface standard committees. On request Photonfocus implements also custom specific interfaces and interface protocols.


Photonfocus is an established solution provider for CMOS camera technology.

Its product spectrum ranges from OEM modules to CMOS cameras.