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History of Photonfocus

2020Launch of 10GigE interfaces and Multiline Linefinder technology for 3D camera series
2019Launch of the compact MV0 camera series. ISRA VISION GmbH takes over Photonfocus AG.
2018Launch of SWIR (Short-Wave-InfraRed) camera series with InGaAs-sensors with spectral range from 900 to 1700nm.
2017Advanced 3D with Photonfocus own Linefinder technology for 3D cameras.
2016Launch of Hyperspectral cameras with Snapshot and Linescan sensors and Hyperspectral-SDK for calibrated Hypercubes.

Prize winner of the Swiss Excellence Award for outstanding product innovation. Launch of Photonfocus NIR imager A2080IE with very high quantum efficiency in the near infrared.

2012Launch of the Double Rate Technology in the camera series DR1, extension of the CMOS camera line-up with the implementation of low light CMOS imagers. Therewith Photonfocus AG covers a wide application field with CMOS imagers. Release of Photonfocus CMOS image sensor A1312IE with improved MTF in the NIR. Photonfocus introduces direct sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with own sales channels.
2011Launch of 4.3 MPix A2080 CMOS imager with Global Shutter and LinLog® from Photonfocus.

Introduction of Photonfocus NIR imager A1312I with very high quantum efficiency in the near infrared. Extension of the Photonfocus 3D camera line-up.

2009Launch of Photonfocus 1.4 MPix A1312 CMOS LinLog® imager with global shutter and launch of GigE-Interfaces for MV1 camera series.
2007IHAG Holding AG incorporated as main shareholder of Photonfocus AG. Marcel Krist gets appointed as new CEO of Photonfocus AG. Together with CTO Dr. Peter Mario Schwider they optimize and reorganise the processes, the organisational structure, the R&D department and the sales channels. In the same year Photonfocus launches the 3D camera series with PEAK technology for high measurement accuracy in the area of surface quality inspection.
2005Awarded ACQ 100 automotive certification for the D750 CMOS imager with LinLog® technology for driver assistant system. With this success the D750 is among the first CMOS sensors with global shutter technology which received the ACQ100 certification.
2004Re-Design of Photonfocus A1024 CMOS imager and upgrade to A1024B. This resulted in significant performance enhancement on the sensor and with the release of the E- Series MV-D1024E with a 12Bit resolution of the image data was possible. At the same time with this redesign a long term producibility of the sensor on a high quality standard was achieved.
2001Dr. Peter Mario Schwider and three others founded Photonfocus AG to manufacture CMOS image sensors and digital CMOS cameras. With the A1024 CMOS imager with global shutter in the MV-D1024 camera series with LVDS interface, Photonfocus could gain at the very beginning of its history an important market share in the field of CMOS sensors.
2000At the Control 2000 the two physicists Dr. Nicolas Blanc and Dr. Peter Mario Schwider from the Image Sensing Group presented as a world’s first the digital VGA CMOS camera with a D640 global shutter CMOS image sensor. The LinLog® technology was showcased on the Vision in Stuttgart to a broad public and won the Vision Award 2000.