Razor-sharp and at high-speed: 10 GigE interface for the new 51MP camera




The first model of our new MV8 series has made an impressive statement on the market with its ultra-high 51MP resolution. The full-frame camera is equipped with the reliable 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GigE) interface for fast integration and processing of high bandwidths. 10 GigE is a widespread standard interface in network technology and has also proven itself very well for use in machine vision projects:



  • Custom-fit high-speed solution: Fast integration and processing of high bandwidths
  • Quick and easy: the camera is connected to the PC using a standard cable
  • No additional costs: An extra frame grabber for the PC is not necessary
  • With a maximum length of up to 100 m for data transfer, the camera is highly versatile in its applications


The 51MP full-frame camera joins the photonHiRES embedded vision platform of the unique modular camera system from Photonfocus. Prototypes in the color and monochrome versions are available now.


This camera is ideal for applications in industrial image processing, broadcast video, film scanning and the railway industry as well as standard machine vision.
Prototype cameras in color and monochrome are available now.


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