The Double Rate camera series DR4-D1280-L01-G2 is based on the LUXIMA LUX1310 CMOS image sensor. The LUXIMA LUX1310 image sensor is available as standard monochrome version. The Double-Rate cameras are nearly 100% faster than standard GigE cameras and use only one data cable (no link-aggregation). The cameras are available with the GigE interface (GigEVision).

Resolution            Frame Rate [fps]                                         
1280 x 1024 166
1024 x 1024 207
1280 x 768 221
800 x 600 450
640 x 640 524
640 x 480 705
480 x 480 934

Due to their excellent capabilities of managing high frame rates CMOS cameras are at the fore front of high speed image capturing and image analysis. Until recently CMOS high speed cameras were used as compact camera heads with an internal image buffer or as landed camera heads with a CameraLink full interface and frame grabbers with a large image buffer.

Applications such as motion analysis (e.g. in the area of bionic, sports or biomechanical analysis) and process failure analysis (e.g. burst or fracture of tools, failure of handling systems, breakdown of packaging systems) require frame rates which are increasingly being provided by fast CMOS standard cameras. These are also used in machine vision applications. The preferred camera choice for such applications are standard machine vision cameras with a GigE interface due to their flexibility in long transmission distance. For even faster motion analysis cameras with a double frame rate, being captured with a GigE interface and a combined link aggregation with recording systems are required.

Photonfocus has recognized the need and requirements of these applications. The double rate (DR) camera technology displays a double bandwidth for data transmission via the standardized GigE Vision interface, common for machine vision applications. The technology is based on the standard software protocol GeniCam. This Photonfocus technology is based on standard bandwidth tools and standard software libraries used for high speed image capturing. Even a multiple camera system set-up can be easily implemented due to the usage of the GigE standard, in contrary to a point-to-point connection as used in Link aggregation solutions. With the GigE standard the data transmission is not getting interrupted. This technology eliminates the complications of systems using cameras with link aggregation right from the beginning.

Comparison of data rates of different interfaces used in machine vision

Once more Photonfocus demonstrates its industry leader position in the area of cutting edge high speed camera systems. The double rate (DR) camera technology is up to 25% faster than conventional CameraLink base cameras and even 100% faster than mainstream cameras with a standard GigE interface.
An additional advantage of the implemented modulation technology is the capability to save unmodified image formats. The storage space for all image sequences is almost half the size of standard solutions. This is made possible thanks to the real picture format saving which enables fast sequence search runs.

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Sensor: LUXIMA, LUX1310
Frame rate: 165fps
Optical format: 2/3"
Lens mount: C-Mount
Sensor Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Pixel size: 6.6μm x 6.6μm
I/O Input: 4x Isolated inputs or shaft encoder A, B, Z, Y interface (RS422, TTL, D-HTL, HTL)
I/O Output: 3x Isolated outputs (2x open drain, 1x TTL highspeed)
Dimensions: 59 x 59 x 89.6 mm³
  • Linear Mode / multiple slope (High Dynamic Range Mode)
  • Configurable region of interest (ROI), up to 8 MROI
  • Two crosshair overlays for measurements and adjustments
  • Temperature monitoring of camera
  • Low trigger delay and low trigger jitter
  • Extended trigger input and strobe output functionality
  • 4x Isolated inputs or shaft encoder A, B, Z, Y interface (RS422, TTL, D-HTL, HTL)
  • 3x Isolated outputs (2x open drain, 1x TTL highspeed)




Manual Revision Doc-ID
1.3 MAN089
1.3 MAN085
Software Version

This installer contains

Link: Changelog
Supported Operating Systems:
- Win8, Win10
GigE Cameras:
- PFSDK and PFViewer (GUI) with Doublerate support
- SDK examples and documentation
- C# and Python (2.7, 3.x) wrappers
- Support of polarized Cameras
3D Cameras:
- PF3DLib and PFViewer (GUI)
- SDK examples


This installer contains

Supported Operating Systems:
- Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 20.4 LTS, 22.04 LTS
GigE Cameras:
- SDK examples and documentation

3D Data Revision Doc-ID

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Product Preview

Cable GigE, MV0/MV3/MV4/MV8, x-coded

GigE cable for 1/10 GigE for MV0/MV3/MV4/MV8

Product Preview

Wall adapter, MV4/MV8, Phoenix, 17 pin, 12V

Wall adapter with Phoenix connector for MV4/MV8