High-speed cameras for demanding applications

The high-speed camera portfolio from Photonfocus is designed for maximum performance. The sophisticated systems deliver high frame rates and process constantly high data quantities while maintaining the same quality. The fast and precise cameras meet the very strictest requirements and are also proven in complex high-speed applications and motion analysis systems. 

High-Speed cameras photonHiSPEED in detail

  • High-performance cameras
  • High network speed with 10 GigE interface and PoE
  • Two/four times faster than GigE / 10 GigE standard cameras thanks to optional compression procedure
  • Embedded technology with onboard processor power
  • Modular configuration and application

Main areas of application for the Photonfocus high-speed cameras

Industrial camera for automotive inspection
Surface inspection in material processing
High speed photo for analysis of the trajectory of a tennis ball
Remote sensing for agricultural land or indoor or outdoor navigation

Choose Product Sensor OPTICAL FORMAT Resolution Mega-pixel FPS INTERFACE request offer COMPARE
DR2-D1920-S01-G1 Sony, IMX174 1/1.2" 1920 x 1200 2.3 94fps GigE request offer
DR4-D1280-L01-G2 LUXIMA, LUX1310 2/3" 1280 x 1024 1.3 165fps GigE request offer
DR4-D1952-L01-GT LUXIMA, LUX2100 4/3" 1952 x 1080 2 1000fps 10GigE request offer
MV1-D1280-L01-1280-G2 LUXIMA, LUX1310 2/3" 1280 x 1024 1.3 85fps (948fps in burst mode) GigE request offer
MV4-D1280-L01-FB LUXIMA, LUX1310 2/3" 1280 x 1024 1.3 934fps 10GigE Fibre request offer
MV4-D1280-L01-GT LUXIMA, LUX1310 2/3" 1280 x 1024 1.3 934fps 10GigE request offer
MV4-D1600-S01-GT Sony, IMX425 1" 1600 x 1100 1.7 260fps 10GigE request offer
MV4-D1952-L01-GT LUXIMA, LUX2100 4/3" 1952 x 1080 2 581fps 10GigE request offer
MV4-D2048x1088-C01-G2 CMOSIS, CMV2000 2/3" 2048 x 1088 2.2 50fps GigE request offer