Fast and safe: pantograph inspection via camera

If overhead cables or pantographs fail, this often has a significant impact on all rail traffic. At the same time, maintenance measures take a long time, as any work performed on the pantographs can only take place when no voltage is applied to the overhead cables.


Automatic inspection systems with machine vision have enormous potential here. They allow wear and damage to pantographs and overhead cables to be detected at an early stage, minimizing the time and effort required for routine manual inspections and reducing the failure rate in ongoing operation. 

Embedded vision systems from Photonfocus can be directly attached to trains to inspect overhead cables. The image data they produce displays an optimum comparison of the state of the cables over time or along the length of the route. In addition, measurement and inspection systems with high-speed image sensors can be installed permanently at certain points on the route or at the entrance of factory halls, where they are used to inspect passing trains.

Embedded vision solutions from Photonfocus also allow the image data gathered to be analyzed onboard, making them the perfect choice for use in remote applications and mobile devices.


YOUR Benefit
- Fastest SWIR in the market
- Reliable operation during the whole lifetime
- Internal cooling
- First global shutter UV Camera in the market
- Short supply times
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YOUR Benefit
- Made for largest image resolution in real time
- Onboard processor Power
- Highly adaptable
- Digital zoom in real time
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YOUR Benefit
- Reliable operation
- Flexible usage
- Max. speed with standard interface
- Robustness
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At a glance: Automatic inspection of overhead cables and pantographs


  • Inspection during operation: Directly from the train itself or using stationary inspection systems – with no interruption to electricity supply or rail traffic.
  • Maximum precision and inspection quality: 3D laser triangulation with subpixel-accurate analysis and the highest resolution and sampling rate.
  • Onboard data analysis: Ideal for mobile and remote applications.


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