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Record breaking with up to 200'000 fps - the new MV4 LUX2100

January 2020


Determine the winner at record speeds in the premium class with the new high-speed camera MV4.



When milliseconds count, rely on the new 2D high-speed camera MV4. With the integrated LUX2100 CMOS sensor, you can achieve incredibly fast frame rates with impressive image quality. With the MV4 camera, you can achieve


  •     full HD resolution with 590 frames per second.
  •     extreme speeds of over 200'000 frames per second with smaller image detail.
  •     clear images even at the fastest movements thanks to the Global Shutter Pixels.
  •     extremely fast 10 Gigabit Ethernet.


Go above and beyond and get to know our new high-speed camera.




Compatible with the following software products: