Highest quality in the automotive industry thanks to optical surface inspection

Reliable inspection results and fast sampling rates ensure productivity in the automotive industry. That is why Photonfocus embedded vision systems use 2D and 3D data acquisition for quality control – and all in a single work step. As such, scratches and cracks, color changes and form deviations are all detected reliably and precisely. The result is a 100% inspection without a manual visual check – and therefore optimum efficiency.



One special feature of Photonfocus is that the camera data is processed directly in the vision system. This eliminates the need to transfer large quantities of data to external data processing systems, makes integration easier and also ensures high speeds and productivity.

Photonfocus develops and produces modular sensors for uncomplicated system integration alongside ready-to-use solutions with onboard decision-making.


YOUR Benefit
- Made for largest image resolution in real time
- Onboard processor Power
- Highly adaptable
- Digital zoom in real time
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YOUR Benefit
- Made for speed
- Maximum throughput
- Onboard processor power
- Highly adaptable
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YOUR Benefit
- Easy to integrate
- Compact size – but powerful
- Highly customizable
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At a glance: Surface inspection with embedded vision


  • Multi-line and multi-peak: Combined 2D image data analysis and 3D laser triangulation with simultaneous analysis of up to four characteristic curves.
  • Maximum precision: 2D, 3D and HDR sensors with the highest possible resolution detect deviations in the micrometer range.
  • Fully integrated or standalone: Modular design for simple implementation in plants or as ready-to-use complete systems with onboard data processing.

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