Highest quality with optical inspection

During surface inspection, embedded vision systems measure quality and deviations in material properties, as well as recognizing scratches, cracks, roughness and color changes. This inspection can be performed in a fully automatic process without impairing processing speed or productivity.



Imaging systems that combine 2D and 3D image acquisition are especially efficient. For example, the surface condition can be examined through a gray zone analysis in 2D, while the contour accuracy of the entire workpiece is measured using 3D laser triangulation – all in a single work step.

Furthermore, to enable the simple integration of the Photonfocus sensors in production plants or the realization of standalone solutions, the image data can be interpreted directly onboard.

All embedded vision systems from Photonfocus are designed for use in industry. They stand out from the competition thanks to their compact design and their high robustness and durability.


YOUR Benefit
- Reliable operation
- Flexible usage
- Max. speed with standard interface
- Robustness
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YOUR Benefit
- Made for speed
- Maximum throughput
- Onboard processor power
- Highly adaptable
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YOUR Benefit
- Easy to integrate
- Compact size – but powerful
- Highly customizable
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At a glance: Sensors and solutions for surface inspection


  • Highest precision and productivity: Thanks to high-resolution image data and the combination of 2D, 3D and SWIR images.
  • Fully integrated or standalone: Modular design for simple integration in plants or as complete, ready-to-use systems.
  • Onboard data processing: On request, with integrated computing power for preprocessing and interpreting image data.


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