Recording and digitally evaluating ball and player movements

Trajectories and player movements are evaluated using high-speed cameras that record every movement and, depending on the application, evaluate them onboard.



The Photonfocus high-speed cameras with their high-resolution CMOS image sensors are ideal for the analysis of trajectories, game play and tactics. Their strengths also come to the fore when multiple cameras are used and the data has to be available quickly: Photonfocus has developed the QuadRate (QR) and DoubleRate (DR) technologies which enable large image files to be transferred to a central processing unit in a short period of time. This technology enables them to achieve speeds up to four times those of other cameras. Distances of up to 100 meters can be bridged with just a single cable and these technologies.

Photonfocus develops and produces modular, application-specific sensors and all-in-one solutions for a multitude of applications.


YOUR Benefit
- Made for speed
- Maximum throughput
- Onboard processor power
- Highly adaptable
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YOUR Benefit
- Made for largest image resolution in real time
- Onboard processor Power
- Highly adaptable
- Digital zoom in real time
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YOUR Benefit
- Easy to integrate
- Compact size – but powerful
- Highly customizable
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At a glance: Embedded vision systems for ball trajectory analyses


  • Highest precision and speed: High-resolution sensors with the maximum dynamic range and more than 10,000 frames per second.
  • Onboard data evaluation and fast transmission: Ideal for mobile and remote applications.
  • Fully integrated or standalone: Modular design for simple system integration or as a ready-to-use solution.


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