Motion analysis: slow motion for sport and research

Optimum image quality and the highest recording speed are prerequisites for slow motion recordings and the analysis of complex movements.


Embedded vision systems from Photonfocus are specially designed for such applications and are equipped with state-of-the-art CMOS sensors. Because they can evaluate the data onboard and make decisions locally, the systems deliver image data and results immediately – making them ideal for use in mobile and remote applications. Moreover, the sensors support the QuadRate (QR) and DoubleRate (DR) technologies, with which image data can be transmitted up to four times quicker than with conventional GigE cameras. Just a single cable is needed.

The sensors are available for simple system integration or as all-in-one solutions for specific applications.


YOUR Benefit
- Made for speed
- Maximum throughput
- Onboard processor power
- Highly adaptable
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YOUR Benefit
- Made for largest image resolution in real time
- Onboard processor Power
- Highly adaptable
- Digital zoom in real time
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YOUR Benefit
- Easy to integrate
- Compact size – but powerful
- Highly customizable
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At a glance: Sensors and embedded vision systems for slow-motion recordings


  • Highest precision and speed: High-resolution images with the maximum dynamic range and more than 10,000 frames per second.
  • Onboard data evaluation: Ideal for mobile and remote applications.
  • Fully integrated or standalone: Modular design for simple system integration or as a ready-to-use solution.


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