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With more than 20 years of experience, we are true experts in camera technology. We are focusing on camera design for specific applications, amongst them cameras optimized for ultra fast 3D laser triangulation as well as cameras providing a wider spectrum than usual such as UV cameras. Our experience in all types industries and our deep understanding of the customer's needs is the basis of our camera design.


All our cameras are designed for use in rough industrial environments: they are resistant to shock and vibration and very robust against electromagnetic fields, which makes them especially interesting for applications in rough environments.


Our modular camera set-up, that forms the basis of all our cameras, enables us to implement customer-specific adjustments quickly and easily, even at low volume.


UV camera


The UV camera MV4-D1280U-H01-GT  with its high-sensitivity CMOS sensor and global shutter technology sets new standards for precise image acquisition without the image shearing effect usually found in rolling shutter UV cameras.


The sensor provides an extraordinary wide range from 175-865nm with more than 30% quantum efficiency! This means, the complete spectrum beginning at deep UV, over the visible spectrum, and up to NIR spectrum can be covered by this one sensor.

These characteristics make this UV camera ideally suitable for imaging inspection for example in railway industry, such as pantograph inspection.

UV sensor with range from deep UV to NIR

The UV camera features also open the way for new applications beyond today‘s standard, like 3D UV applications or applications where a wider spectrum is demanded. See more application examples in traffic and railway industries below.


Download the data sheet and get more details about the MV4-D1280U-H01-GT UV camera.


Application examples: Pantograph inspection


Pantographs and overhead cables are a critical point in rail infrastructure. Automatic inspection systems with embedded vision and direct processing of image data can detect faulty and worn pantographs at an early stage. This minimizes the time and effort required for manual inspections, as well as reducing the failure rate.


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3D camera for ultra fast laser triangulation


Photonfocus offers a high-end platform with ultra-fast FPGA 3D laser triangulation
The photon3D camera series is optimized for high frame rates and high sensitivity and offers robust algorithms for determining the laser line within the FPGA of the camera. Photonfocus has optimized these algorithms in order to suppress artifacts such as reflections.


The camera series integrates sensors from Luxima, CMOSIS and ONSemi as well as our proprietary and field-tested sensors. With a combination of the sophisticated 3D FPGA algorithm, several filter functions, multi-ROI and moving-ROI even higher scan rates of up to 80Khz are possible. The 10GiGE interface provides for a fast data transfer.

Our latest camera innovation, the MV4-D2048-L01-3D06-GT integrates the Luxima LUX2810 sensor into our industrial-grade MV4 platform. These camera models are optimized for high frame rates and high sensitivity. They feature a multi LineFinder tool recognizing up to 4 laser lines and calculate the line position with 1/64th subpixel accuracy. Users can choose between a FIR algorithm for asymmetric line profiles or a COG algorithm for symmetric profiles.


See camera models overview at photon3D.


Application examples: Sorting and classifying


In a fully automatic process, embedded vision systems detect the size, volume and weight of food and recognize different types, shapes and ripeness levels. This is done using 2D and 3D image acquisition, laser triangulation and infrared image capture technologies. One special feature of Photonfocus is the option of interpreting the data locally.


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High-speed low-noise SWIR camera


Photonfocus has developed outstanding solutions for numerous fields of application in order to meet the growing demand for imaging applications in invisible light spectra. The photonSPECTRAL camera series includes highly sensitive cameras with short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) light, like the MV3-D320I-T01-G2 SWIR camera. It is based on the Chunghwa FPA-320x256-K InGaAs image sensors with CMOS read out. This InGaAs sensor with a full well capacity (FWC) of 3.5 Me- which is optimized for high dynamic range applications and a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The camera has a GigE interface.

Additionally, the camera features an industry leading and comprehensive multi-ROI functionality, enabling you to define up to 128 regions of interest. This increases speed and clock rate considerably.

The camera is suitable for both standard and demanding applications in industrial image processing within the spectral range of 900 to 1700nm. Thanks to its global shutter, even high-speed applications with exposure times in the µs-area are possible.


See camera models overview at photonSPECTRAL.

SWIR camera MV3-D320I-T01-G2


Application examples: Detecting ripeness


Intelligent harvesting machinery and monitoring systems for agriculture detect the ripeness of fruit and vegetables, and in doing so enable the automation and optimum planning of the yield. Embedded vision systems with high-resolution HSI sensors are used for this.



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65 MP with full format sensor for extreme resolution


The especially sensitive and high-resolution cameras of the photonHiRES camera series are the leading solution when it comes to achieving the highest resolution in industrial machine vision. Even when faced with challenging applications and poor light conditions, these cameras achieve the best possible results. The robust housings are equipped with an outstanding temperature management system and enable fan-free operation of even large sensors. Moreover, the powerful 10 GigE Vision interface guarantees an optimum data transmission rate and compatibility with a wide range of interfaces.


The MV4-D9344-G01-GT delivers 65MP resolution and 8k video at 18 fps with a dynamic range of 66 dB. It’s 3.2 μm global shutter pixel has a peak QE over 60%. A standard 2.3" optical format facilitates easy and cost-effective lens selection for applications ranging from broadcast imaging to surveillance. The 10GigE Vision Interface is a modern, high speed connection and allows up to 300m cable length.


See camera models overview at photonHiRES.


High-resolution camera MV4-D9344-G01-GT

Application examples: Surface inspection


Surface inspection systems in material processing are having to meet increasing quality demands. Deviations in the structure and surface of wood, steel or plastic, material defects and other issues must be detected quickly and reliably. This is where the strengths of our embedded vision systems come into play: They create images with the highest level of detail and deliver instant results thanks to onboard interpretation.


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Modular camera set-up, standard and customized cameras


Photonfocus has a wide range of standard camera products, we are available if your application needs a slightly customized version of our standard cameras or if you need a fully customized camera to meet your requirements. Thanks to the modular set-up of all Photonfocus cameras, we can quickly indivdualize our standard cameras and equip them with components after our customer’s needs


We work daily with OEM’s worldwide helping them find the right camera solutions for their demanding requirements… we are certain we can do the same for you!


We look forward to being of assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!

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