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You won’t miss a thing with 51 megapixel!

September 2020




The MV8 series with a front plate of 80 x 80 millimeters was specifically developed for large and fast imagers. The first model of this brand new series impresses with 51MP resolution. The camera is part of the photonHiRES embedded vision platform of Photonfocus’ modular camera design.


  • Sharpest images of even the smallest details with a gigantic 51 megapixel resolution thanks to 8424 x 6032 pixels and global shutter technology
  • Smooth live Video with 24 frames per second in the current 8k cinema class
  • Industry-compatible M58 standard lens connection
  • Perfect image quality, and very high dynamic range thanks to large 4.6 x 4.6 µm pixels
  • Extremely fast transmission of the images thanks to the innovative 10 GigE interface


The camera is ideal for applications in industrial image processing, broadcast video, film scanning and the railway industry as well as for standard machine vision.

The first prototype cameras in color and monochrome are available now.


Are you interested in our preliminary data sheet? download here